Andrew Kalley
Andrew Kalley


Performance Testing. Building On Excellence.

Here is what you can expect:


I am available for one-on-one private coaching in person or virtually. Each week we will design a training program based on last week's results and feedback. I am always available to answer your questions via email. If you have read some of my clients' success stories, you will know that YOU can achieve this too. We can improve your speed and endurance, and it will be fun too!


The Training Peaks system allows you to have world-class coaching right by your side, no matter where you are. Whether you are looking for a beginner, intermediate or advanced program, ranging from 5k running races to half-marathons, full marathons, sprint triathlons, or Ironman distance, we can work together to plan a course of action. 


Existing clients can sign in here to check out this week's training plan or review the Dashboard.

Train Smart.


You will create and have access to data that helps both of us plan for you better. You can also provide me with written feedback through Training Peaks after each workout. It's a great reward (for both of us) to watch as you improve fitness and prepare for the big race day.