Team DMS Video on RAAM

Being a part of Team DMS in the 2016 Race Across America is one of my proudest moments. We led the 8-person field by a wide margin and ultimately secured the overall winning title by being the fastest team across the finish line. This race spanned over 3,000 miles from California to Maryland, sometimes in 120 degree weather or pitch black nights. Whether there was fair weather or a tornado in our path, we always had one wheel on the road to accomplish our goal over this 6-day race. A very big thank you to Joe Marinucci and his company, Digital Media Solutions, who inspired and funded the race for our team and enabled us to raise $50,000 on behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. So much went into making this outcome happen - from my teammates' dedication to training at home, training camps to ensure we operated smoothly for the real event, the sacrifice of our loved ones while we were away, and the tireless crew led by Ted Kennedy of CEO Challenge. I learned so much about the human spirit, the value of integrity, and even made some lifelong friends on this journey. More words on this later, but for now I'll share a small documentary reflecting on our win and the process to get there.