Strength of an IRONMAN (at least half of one)

This weekend at Timberman in Gilford, New Hampshire has been an incredible display of athleticism and resilience. We had four coaches with top wins in the SPRINT on Saturday, including my buddy Tim as the OVERALL winner. Running a 15:51 in the brutal heat is quite an accomplishment, and I am so proud of his performance. We had 20 athletes race the Ironman 70.3 on Sunday. TWENTY ATHLETES. This must be a new record for Full Throttle, as many on our team are pushing for longer and longer distances. Several completed their first half, a few had PR’s, and both Ida and Sarah qualified for the 2016 70.3 World Championship. A very big congratulations.

The Timberman Ironman 70.3 marks my 6th race this year, including Nationals when I qualified for the 2016 World Championship in Mexico. On top of that I have raised nearly $20k for Sloan Kettering in an effort to help others battling cancer. Inspired by the efforts of my friends and family, I am adding one last race to the roster this season...The NYC Marathon! Boom 26.2!!! I was pretty disappointed in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit and the Marathon was canceled. What better time to run the Marathon than the year that I beat cancer?!

In a surprising twist, one of life’s greatest gifts is that it is sometimes difficult. But our spirits can rise when the waves crash around us, and we become stronger for it. This strength brings meaning and touches everything else that we do. This is what makes life GREAT. We carry that inner strength and confidence with us no matter what, and it gives us the ability to make a difference for others and truly create a world that is good. We don’t have to sing about ourselves from the hilltops. No need to be flashy. We need only ourselves for validation. Deep inside, we all know what we want in life and what we hope to achieve. This year I am learning that it also takes a little faith, especially when times are tough.

I am grateful for all the support I have had from friends and family. Coming back and being able to do the stuff I love the most has made such a difference for me. When times are tough, we must be tougher. My fundraising efforts will continue until I cross that line in Central Park on November 1st. Never give up!