From OT to T2

My surgery scars are an every day reminder of what my body has been through and that I'm still fighting. Rather than let it get me down, I think of the hands behind that scalpel. All of my doctors acted swiftly as we learned more about my situation this winter. Even with the MRIs and a battery of tests, my surgeon didn't necessarily know what he would find when I was on the operating table. I am certainly grateful for all of his training and confident abilities during my surgery.

While triathlons are not life and death, there is still an element of surprise on race day. You can approach race day with confidence that you have trained and know what to do. No matter what. When you transition out of the water, or when you transition from bike to run, you don't always know what's changed on the course ahead of you. Can you adapt to the new information? Are there people blocking your path? Is your gear functioning properly, and if not what do you do? How do you adjust when you realize the nutrition wasn't right?

Every race is a chance to learn about yourself and what you do in the face of the unknown. Don't be afraid. Embrace this grey zone for what it is - a chance to grow and expand your horizons.