Triathletes Descend On Montauk For Trio Of Races


Triathlon enthusiasts had their pick this weekend in Montauk, with three different distances to choose from.

On Sunday, competitors took part in the Mightyman Half-Ironman distance, with a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile (half-marathon) run. On Saturday, Montauk hosted both the Mightyman Sprint Triathlon (750-meter swim, 17-kilometer bike and 5K run), and Mightyman Olympic distance triathlon (1.5-kilometer swim, 40K bike, and 10K run).

In the half-Ironman triathlon, James Cunningham, 34, of New York was the winner, in 4:23:23, followed by Chris Schulten, 42, of Middlefield, Connecticut, in 4:26:15; Steven Quinn, 31, of Scarsdale (4:33:46); Bryan Magnus, 39, of Maplewood, New Jersey (4:37:40); and Anthony Snoble, 39, of East Islip (4:38:44), who rounded out the top five.

Carly Johnson, 36, of Yorktown Heights was the top female finisher (12th overall), in 4:47:49, while Ellen Wexler, 30, of Washington, D.C., was the second female to finish (31st overall), in 5:08:59. Kellie Brown, 45, of Bridgeport, Connecticut, was the third female, in 5:16:18, followed by Friederike Edelmann, 43, of New York (5:27:08), and Renee Shiller, 39, of Glastonbury, Connecticut, who rounded out the top five women, in 5:28:10.

In the Olympic distance triathlon, Adrian Mackay, 49, of New York was the winner, in 2:07:52, followed by Charles Macintosh, 37, of New York (2:12:19); David Smith, 43, of New Milford, Connecticut (2:13:11); Billy Holl, 28, of Bayport (2:14:33); and Tim Walton, 41, of Noyac (2:14:56). Stephanie Coburn, 33, of Astoria, was the top female (11th overall), in 2:18:54, followed by Brooke Smith, 38, of New Milford, Connecticut (2:27:45); Olivia Malloy, 31, of New York (2:28:31); Kerri Ouellette, 33, of New York (2:30:35); and Hallie Nicoll, 31, of New York (2:31:45).

In the sprint triathlon, Andrew Kalley, 31, of New York took top honors, in 56:49, followed by Benjamin Green, 32, of New York (59:13); David Powers, 47, of East Hampton (59:44); Adam Kollender, 31, of New York (1:02:04); and Sean Hardick, 22, of East Northport (1:02:06). Sarah Welton, 32, of New York was the top female finisher (sixth overall), in 1:02:22, followed by Michele Walker, 31, of Long Beach (10th overall), in 1:04:35. Caitlin Dowd, 24, of Smithtown was third among women, in 1:06:09, followed by Amy Maxwell, 32, of Nyack (1:07:06), and Mahriah Alf, 31, of New York (1:10:55).

In the para-tri regional championship (sprint distances), Tommy Koehler, 46, of Hampton Bays was first in 1:02:36, and Abigial Lanier, 23, of Brooklyn was the top female in 1:41:05. And perhaps most impressive in the para-tri race was Lamar Brown, 32, of the Bronx, a blind triathlete who not only completed the sprint on Saturday (time of 1:30:21) but also did his first half-Ironman on Sunday (7:09:52).

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More than 290 people completed the sprint triathlon, more than 260 did the Olympic distance, and more than 200 tackled the half-Ironman.