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Once you have a goal, you will be held accountable to achieve that goal. Realistically we won’t see each other every day, but I make a point to check in and hold clients accountable for their workouts.  

Goal Setting.


It’s nearly impossible to see results and stay motivated without a clear set of goals - both short term and long term.  Together we will find what motivates you.  



85% of success in achieving optimal health and fitness is in what we eat.  You can’t out train a bad diet.  Andrew will help uncover the pitfalls of your dietary habits and make the changes necessary to see results.

Kalley's 5 Keys to Success.

Here's How We Meet Your Personal Training Goals.

Strength Training.


Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lean out, or lose weight, strength training is a critical part.  Strength training at least 3x per week will help burn more calories, increase lean muscle (which burns more fat), improve bone density, and create a more balanced, injury-proof body. 

Cardiovascular Training.


No successful program would be complete without training the heart aerobic system.  Andrew will help you design a cardiovascular program that fits your goals.  

Andrew Kalley coaches proper stroke technique at Chelsea Piers

Training Options:

  1. Andrew Kalley is a Master Trainer at Chelsea Piers, the #1 gym in NYC. You can work with Andrew as a member or non-member.  Contact him to set up an appointment. 

  2. Let’s bring the training to you! Andrew is also available for Private Training.  


You will received a customized training plan each week that was especially made for you and builds on last week's progress. I take out the guess work so that you know exactly what to do in order to get results.