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"For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive ...

...but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer."

A Very Personal Story


Triathlon is not just about racing, but also knowing your limits. I push my athletes to bring out the best in them, both physically and mentally. Sometimes your best is knowing when to say, 'something's wrong and I need help'. This is a personal story of when an entire team, and yes an entire community, helped me in my journey.


A diagnosis of late stage colon cancer in December 2014 sent me reeling. My doctors confirmed that the tumor had grown to an extreme size over the course of just one year. I have no family history of disease and lead a healthy lifestyle in both my activity and nutrition. Despite the initial shock, I was determined that this illness would be a minor setback for my life and everything I hope to accomplish.


Within one month I was on the operating table under the hand of a very skilled surgeon at MSKCC, and he and his team did an incredible job. Whether it was this amazing team or my will power, I was slowly walking laps around the hospital floor within the same day. (No, I didn't have my Garmin.) I am so appreciative of the support of my doctors, family, fellow coaches, teammates, and friends, and I count them all as family for being with me during a very difficult time. 


Now it's my time to give back. My journey for fundraising and awarness starts in 2015. Won't you be a part of this worthy cause?


Chemotherapy is ongoing and that's not going to stop me from training and racing in the USAT World Championship in September. While I have qualified for USA World four times, and count 10 Overall 1st Place wins at various races, the greatest challenge of my life will be happening behind the scenes. The hard work I have put in this year feels different than ever before. I share this story because I know cancer has probably affected all of us in some way, whether it be a family member or a friend. Now I know first hand how brutal and unfair this disease can be. My goal is to come back stronger and better than before. That is why I am dedicating my training for this race to MSKCC, its research, and the incredible team of doctors, nurses, and surgeons that helped me in my fight against colon cancer. 


Please consider a donation to MSKCC in the link below. All money raised directly supports MSKCC by funding the world's most promising research for discovering better treatments and a cure. Since 100% of every donation goes directly to fund research initiatives within six months, your contribution really makes an impact.


As a deep hearted thank you, I will continue to give you updates on my progress in my health and training for Worlds. We win this together. Chicago 2015 here I come!!