You are even greater
than you know.

I love what I do and nothing makes me happier than working with my clients and celebrating their results. Read through these stories and see which ones resonate with you.


Have you raced using an online training plan and are now looking for a more tailored program? Are you coming back from injury? Looking to enter the world of triathlon? Can we work on your mental game to give you unwavering self belief on and off the course? Do you want to improve your fitness and feel GREAT each day? 


My goal is to provide you with actionable advice that's simple to understand and gets you to your goals. Most of us go through life never coming close to our limits. I hope to provide you with a little direction to define and give shape to your dreams. I encourage you to reach out with any questions you have and to get started today. Together we'll accomplish great feats.

Beginner Triathlete

Elite Triathlete

Ann Marie
Trained with me for 6 months and placed 5th in her division in her first triathlon ever. Way to go Ann Marie!
5x triathlete and first place in her division

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could participate in a triathlon, let alone join a triathlon team and complete over 20 races (including two half marathons!).  Well, it happened...all thanks to Andrew Kalley and his amazing coaching, support and dedication.  Working with Andrew has truly changed my life, both physically and mentally.  Andrew is a coach, mentor, friend and cheerleader.  He has taught me how to make smart choices and strive to have balance in my life.  I am stronger and smarter, making healthy decisions that I know will last a lifetime.  Andrew is committed to each of his clients and works intensely with them to reach their goals...and then set new ones.  Working with Andrew has helped me believe in myself and trust what my body is capable of achieving.  I dare not think of where I would be without him on my team!  Thanks Andrew!"


Triathlon improvement coaching triathlete Andre
We made some small improvements in Paul's technique and diet, which made a big impact in his Half Ironman time. When it comes to distance and discipline, Paul met me more than half way.

"In 2013 I used a canned training plan I found on the internet to train for the Syracuse HIM 70.3.  The race did not go well and I was pretty disappointed and frustrated particularly after all the time I'd spent training. So when I signed up for the Eagleman 70.3 in 2014 I knew I needed to kick things up a notch and find myself a coach.


A friend of mine at Chelsea Piers recommended I speak to Andrew Kalley and I can safely say it was a life changing piece of advice. Andrew immediately took a genuine interest in my goals and assessed my strengths and weaknesses before putting together a tailored plan that would get me in the shape I need to be in to achieve my goals. We spent several sessions in the pool, where Andrew diagnosed some basic flaws with my swim stroke and added special drills to my workouts that resulted in big improvements in my swim times. We also focused on some strength training and proper pacing on the bike and during the run. Andrew helped me with my diet and made some smart suggestions of simple adjustments that helped with my weight management.


But most of all I appreciated that Andrew took a genuine interest in my progress and his ability to make you feel like you were his only client when I knew he had many more. Andrew was always responsive if I emailed him with a question or he made time to chat about my training if I met him at the club. He's truly an inspirational coach. After working with Andrew for 5 months I arrived in Cambridge for Eagleman in the best shape of my life and shaved 90 minutes off my Syracuse time which I'd completed less than a year before. I was ecstatic but the highlight was sharing my result with Andrew and hearing his response of 'coach is happy' which was the cherry on the cake!"

Agility & Injury Prevention

Sue is an extremely accomplished swimmer in her day. At 80 years old, it is crucial that we work together to maintain her balance, agility, strength, and endurance. This tough cookie is one of my regulars, and holds a special place in my heart.

"Andrew Kalley is a true talent. He's the consummate sportsman; he's dedicated, regimented, self-less, and kind. Andrew has an innate ability to motivate and challenge athletes and non-athletes alike. I'm an 80 year old woman who's trained with Andrew for the past three years. Just when you'd think there couldn't possibly add more variation to the workouts, Andrew somehow finds yet another way to mix things up. Andrew's understanding of anatomy and physiology allows him to proficiently manage injury while maintaining fitness and cardiovascular health.


Not only is Andrew capable of providing a perfect one hour work out for an 80 year old woman, he's equally capable of executing a challenging and fulfilling workout for my 40-something year old son who was a national champion swimmer. Andrew has an enormous versatility and depth when it comes to personal training; I would not physically be where I am today without Andrew's fitness acumen. Andrew is a true gem."

Raced her first triathlon and had multiple top 5 finishes in 2010. One of my rockstar triathletes, Clare has had 6 first place finishes in her division for Duathlon, and ranked top 10 in the USA Duathlon National Championship in 2014. Coach is impressed.

"I'm no stranger to the gym, but Andrew Kalley turned me into an endurance athlete.  I was an experienced runner but I hadn't ridden a bike in years.  Andrew helped me navigate the multisport world, which can be really intimidating at first.  What kind of bike to buy?  What do I do at a race?  How do I look like I know what I'm doing?  These and more questions Andrew helped me answer.  He retooled my training so it had a point, no more just going out for a run randomly.  More importantly, he helped quiet the fears and doubts in my head that I could do this.  Being an older athlete - and somewhat injury-prone - I have relied on Andrew's guidance to come back from hip surgery and other smaller issues to keep doing the sports I so enjoy.   I have been thrilled with my race results, and a great deal of the credit goes to Andrew Kalley."

Running Speed

Various Runners
Are you looking to improve your speed? Here are a few runners who did just that. See below.

"When I started working with Andrew Kalley I hadn't run in 14 years. Throughout our training sessions he taught me the fundamentals of running and analyzed my foot strike. I recently ran a 5 miler in 32:11. I owe this to Andrew."


"Running has always been just a form of supplemental cardio for me and that's it. When I chose to run a marathon to see if I could do it, my only goal was to finish and I was very satisfied with my 10-minute per mile pace. This is the same pace I have always had - whether I am running 3 or 26.2 miles. After 1 year of training with Andrew, I now run 7-minute miles. He turned me into a forefoot striker and taught me breathing and form techniques to go faster. Thanks to Andrew, I have found a new joy and purpose in running. Looking forward to the next marathon!"

Health & Weight Lifting

Andre trains with me regularly at Chelsea Piers, and it is a pleasure to see his consistent gains. These successes translate outside the gym!

"Andrew Kalley is a great trainer. What’s special about him is that you don’t feel you are doing a standard '3 sets of 12’ training you might get from other professionals at any other gym in town.


He’s a true athlete with the mind of an athlete. Therefore he thinks of all his clients as potential race competitors, giving a full body fitness and endurance focus not only muscle group by muscle group.


The results speak for themselves, soon you'll find yourself in the best shape you’ve ever been in."

Health & Weight Lifting

There is no same old routine with Tony. He has a great attitude and lets me switch up his workouts and weight lifting all of the time. Together we blast through plateaus.

"All of you visiting this website have made a decision to proactively improve your physical condition and overall well being. Being fortunate to have Andrew as a personal trainer for the last four years I assure each of you that you've come to the right place. At our first meeting I told Andrew my litany of problems and my desire to change and improve for the better. With his extensive expertise and knowledge of physical fitness training, Andrew set up an individualized training program that has enabled me to accomplish remarkable results. Andrew doesn't follow the one size fits all philosophy of personal training as many do, instead he prepares an individualized program suited to you that will enable you to achieve your objectives to your maximum level possible based on your commitment to his plan."